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Starting a new business in Switzerland can bring significant benefits, whatever the corporate form you choose.

With the ImprendiSwiss System we set up your Company in record time, fulfilling all administrative and bureaucratic formalities, with services designed for the most demanding customers.

For the establishment of the new company, we are at your side in fulfilling the following services:

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  • Choosing the optimal company form
  • Checking the company name
  • Preparation and creation of articles of association
  • Lex-Friedrich Declaration
  • Print declaration
  • Authentication of signatures
  • Opening of capital deposit account
  • Notarial deed
  • Registration with the Trade Register Office
  •  Opening of business current account
  • Registration with authorities and insurance companies

Our services also allow your new entrepreneurial reality to outsource professional figures which, especially at the beginning, would constitute an important cost to bear.


Have you already made up your mind and want to be immediately operational?

At ImprendiSwiss AGwe are committed to making the process of setting up and running your company a hassle-free experience. We have developed a range of services tailored to meet your every entrepreneurial need:

... "turnkey" and in record time

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New Society

We take care of all the founding procedures for your company, ensuring that you start operating without any previous financial or administrative burdens. Your entrepreneurial vision deserves a solid foundation, and we are here to provide it.

Historical Company

Companies with a previous profit-making activity are a sign of historicity and reliability in Switzerland. If you wish to demonstrate your continuity and corporate history, we can assist you in taking over these historical companies. We are experts in managing this complex process, offering you a solution tailored to your image and continuity needs.

Active Company

Operating companies in various product sectors offer the opportunity to quickly start your own business in Switzerland. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we support you in the process of acquiring and managing these active companies, offering you a fast and reliable way to enter the Swiss market.

For more details on how we can help you realise your entrepreneurial ambitions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


For every Entrepreneur, having control over the administrative and accounting situation of their company is crucial.
At ImprendiSwiss, providing up-to-date data in real time to our customers is a must.

Together with our partners we have made it just a click away, using the latest technology available, all accessible from your Smartphone!



Our Exclusive System of Temporary Management,provides you with the best Professionals internationally, the use of the most modern infrastructures and methods that guarantee targeted and customised solutions and a fast and efficient implementation.
A single point of contact, the Project Manageris at your side and accompanies you with professionalism and experience in choosing services for your company.

Here are some areas in which our experts can support and advise you.

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  • Finance & Accounting
  • Payroll Accounting & Personnel Administration
  • Controlling & Operational Accounting
  • Tax Consultancy for Legal Persons
  • Incorporation of Companies in Switzerland and Offshore Countries
  • Domiciliation & Virtual Office
  • Capital Raising / Insurance
  • Personal Consultancy

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We are here to guide you to success and break down every obstacle in your entrepreneurial path.

Your growth is our mission.


Your "turnkey" and "tailor-made" company, in record time.

With our Exclusive Service of Temporary Management,, you will have at your disposal a Project Manager dedicated person who will be your point of reference throughout the process. A single point of contact, completely at your disposal, to ensure that your business project is handled without complications.

... A FREE CONSULTATIONcan be booked here: 

Management and planning.

Specialized consultancy.