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In the complexity of the Swiss business world, our unique methodology is the key to simplifying your entrepreneurial journey.

Imagine a single partner who can offer you all the tailor-made solutions you need. We are here to guide you through the labyrinth of the Swiss fiscal and bureaucratic systemallowing you to focus only on the success of your enterprise.

Switzerland, at the beating heart of Europe without being part of the EU, offers extraordinary opportunities for those who want to live and run their own business. However, navigating the complex tax and administrative landscape requires not only expertise but also valuable time. For any ambitious entrepreneur, relying on industry experts with more than a decade of solid experience is crucial.

That's why our exclusive method, we are your reliable partner, specialised in making your new turnkey venture operational in record time.

We take care of every detail so that you can focus solely on the growth and success of your company.

With our exclusive approach, we offer you not only a service but also the peace of mind of knowing that you have the best experts on your side.

Choose excellence and reliability of ImprendiSwiss AG to open the door to your unhindered entrepreneurial success.

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Attractive Taxation

Very low tax rates attracts Companies and Investors. The total tax burden for businesses ranges from 11.9% to 25%

No Inheritance Tax

At the Federal level, no inheritance tax is due. In most Cantons, direct descendants’ taxes are excluded.

new companies established in Switzerland in 2023

Il 42% were founded by people from other countries, both European and non-European.

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The VAT is the lowest in Europe.

Normal VAT is 8.1%, for consumer goods drops to 2.6%.

Hospitality sector: 3,8%
Medical treatment and education are VAT exempt.

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For those who have already decided and want to be immediately operational, we provide "turnkey" already established companies.
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Timeliness, professionalism and competence. ImprendiSwiss sets up your company in record time, fulfilling all administrative and bureaucratic formalities.


Having control of the administrative and accounting situation of your company in real time is essential, and for us at ImprendiSwiss to provide updated data in ...

Your Company

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For every entrepreneur, having control over the administrative and accounting situation of their company is indispensable, and for us at ImprendiSwiss AG providing up-to-date data in real time to our customers is a must.

Together with our partners, we have made it a click away, using the latest technology available!


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