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Frequently Asked Questions, Personalised Answers

Why a company in Switzerland?

Switzerland, positioned in the center of Europe, without being part of the EU, but of the Schengen and EFTA treaties is the most attractive country in which to live and manage your business.

The reasons are many, Switzerland is well known for its clean and tidy cities, breathtaking landscapes, the quality of life that ranks among the top in the world, schools of international prestige, quality services in all areas, the regime very attractive tax, are just some of the features that attract entrepreneurs and their families.
And it is the tax regime with relatively low tax rates that attracts companies and investors.

Is setting up a company in Switzerland a complicated process?

Switzerland has its fair share of bureaucracy, but it is probably easier to set up a business in Switzerland than in the main EU countries.

The formalities for setting up a company in Switzerland include, inter alia, the following:
- Appointment of a director resident or domiciled in Switzerland, as required by Swiss law
- Preparation of the Statute and the Social Purpose
- Opening a bank capital account in Switzerland
- Registration with the Business Register

What are the main characteristics of a Limited Liability Company (GmbH)?

It is the company form mainly used for the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises.
The minimum share capital is CHF 20,000.
No restrictions on foreign ownership
A minimum of two people is required to establish the activity

What are the main characteristics of a joint stock company (AG)?

Mainly used for medium and large sized companies and with major development foreseen
The minimum share capital is CHF 100,000.
At least 50% of the share capital must be paid into a Capital Account
Shareholders may remain anonymous

Which are the best Banking Institutions?

For your company, it is important to choose to open an account in at least two types of banks with which to interface to manage your business:
Swiss Cantonal Banks, International Financial Institutions based in Switzerland.
Our Experts, after a careful analysis of your business, are able to put you in touch with the most suitable bank for your type of business.

How are banks regulated in Switzerland?

In recent years, the Swiss authorities have introduced strict and restrictive rules to ensure compliance with international standards and are very cautious in dealing with new clients.

For this it becomes essential to produce all the required documentation in an impeccable way.

Our team of professionals will support you in drafting the necessary documentation for opening a bank account.

What types of offices are you providing?

At Imprendiswiss AG and our partners you can enjoy domiciled offices, or real, customised offices for already structured companies.
We can find and provide the most suitable office for your business, through our well-established real estate partners.

Where does the consultation take place?

Choose the solution that suits you best.
We can arrange the consultation either online or in person at one of our ImprendiSwiss AG locations.
You can then resolve any doubts and set off with your company in Switzerland!
Contact us and together we will decide the location of our meeting.

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